Locksmith in Flushing Queens


When looking for locksmith in Flushing Queens look no further and choose Astoria Locksmith and door, we specialize in residential, commercial, and auto locksmith services. we are the best Locksmith in Flushing Queens.

Locksmith for your car keys

Next time when you loose your car keys, lock your keys in your car or your ignition doesn’t turn please remember Astoria locksmith and door Inc, we will get a locksmith to you in flushing within minutes. All our locksmiths are licensed, trained and experienced to make all car keys, fix locks, repair door frames and install new doors.

You don’t need locksmith only for rekey or fixing the toughest locks, but sometimes you may need their assistance and advice for designing a security system that keeps your property secured. Whether you want to reconsider the safety system of your residence or need smart locks for commercial space. The experts at Astoria Locksmiths can design a foolproof security system for your office and home.

Say bye to lock related troubles with a professional locksmith near you

We understand how frustrating it can be at finding an issue with the lock system, that is why our mobile locksmith team is always ready to offer its expertise service in no time. Never compromise with the security of your loved ones, installing the right lock system is the first step that one can take to ensure the safety of their property. With professionals like Astoria locksmith at your service, one can get top locksmith solution at the best price.

Apart from lock installation, we also install security cameras, door locks and other security equipment for the best way to secure your property.

Advantages of calling a professional locksmith team

Astoria locksmith and door Inc can help you get back on your way as fast as possible. Whether you need vehicle locks or need expert locksmith service for your business and residential premises our experts are available 24*7 to assist you. We are up bright and early to help you with any lock and key emergencies in Flushing Queens. We are dedicated to giving timely locksmith service anywhere you need us, anytime. We can handle all types of lock work and security services. We are the best Locksmith in Flushing Queens for jammed and broken locks.

House Lockout

Our team of expert locksmiths is always ready to come out to your location to let you into your house, apartment or commercial building. Our main objective is to get you into your premises without having to break your lock to do it. If we have to break your lock to get you in we always come equipped with a variety of locks for you to choose from. Get the best safe and secure lock Solutions by Locksmith in Flushing Queens.  So please call if you need emergency locksmith service 718-424-1462.

Locks Change/Repair

Our team of locksmiths is able to come to your location introduce you to a few of the different types of locks that are out on the market. The locks we recommend the most is the Medeco family of locks, we also recommend the Mul-T-Lock, Arrow, Schlage, and for decorative hardware, we recommend Baldwin locks.

Garage Locks

Our company has cylinders that will fit regular garage door locks, special garage door locks, and we have specialty garage door locks, such as the t handle locks.

Emergency Lock install

At any given time if you call us at 718-424-1462, we are able to send one of our techs to install any type of lock on your door.

Non-Destructive Entry

When it comes to getting you into your home, apartment or your car our first mission is to do it without destroying your locks. So we first try to pick open your lock, shim your lock or wrench it out. We have emergency locksmith service in Queens to provide break-in protection 24/7.

Astoria locksmith and door Inc. are dedicated to providing you with this additional work

Total Home Security

Electronic wifi locks are the latest addition to our industry. These locks are designed to be operated with your blue tooth and your phone. Call us for a free estimate and upgrade your locks today.

Pick-Proof Cylinder Deadbolts

Our inventory of high-security pick proof cylinders and deadbolts include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Abloy, Arrow and many others, so please call for a free estimate.

Custom Surveillance Systems

We at Queens locksmiths can customize your home to be outfitted with surveillance cameras that can be viewed from any remote location via your cell phone and any other smart device. We carry motion activated, infrared, and night vision cameras.

Security storm Door Locks

We recommend iron security storm doors.  Security storm doors are a visual deterrent.  Seeing security storm doors potential burglars will most likely not attempt to break in, so secure your house with a security storm door equipped with high-security pick proof locks by Locksmith in Flushing Queens.