Locksmith in Corona Queens


Since 1999 most cars have been outfitted with an anti-theft device such as transponders, vats and high-security laser cut keys. These security features make it basically impossible to have your car stolen. Astoria locksmith and door Inc. can provide emergency locksmith services in Corona Queens for your vehicle. We can make keys for your car, change your ignition, re-key your door locks, copy your existing key, and program any computer chip keys that are available in the latest models. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry, so if you have lost your car key, you want to program your key, change your key, re-key your door locks, change your ignition call us today for a free estimate. So, get the best locksmith inĀ  Corona Queens.

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Transponder Chip Keys

All new car models carry a transponder anti-theft device which requires a computer chip key that has to be programmed into the car before it can start the car. We have the latest computer software which allows us to program all the latest models. Most transponder keys can be copied and programmed for under $100.

Emergency Trunk Opening

The worst emergency that can occur with your car is when you lock your keys in the trunk. What most people don’t know is that you can open your trunk with your trunk release. In the case that your trunk release is electronic and requires the car to be on in order to work, we can send you a technician who can either make a key and open your trunk or go through the back seat and retrieve your keys.

Repair & Replace All Ignitions

Our auto technicians are able to replace, repair and rekey all auto lock ignitions, door locks and trunk locks. We are also able to code new ignition cylinders to your original key.

Repair & Replace All Auto Locks

We provide the most comprehensive price list on auto locks, keys, ignitions, and all other auto parts available. Most car ignition can be replaced for under $90. Repairs to locks start at $65. So, get your affordable locksmith in Corona Queens.

Key Extraction

When you break your key in your ignition, door or trunk please call for our emergency locksmith service at 718-424-1462 and we can send you one of our technicians who can extract the broken key out and generate a new key for you.